1 session 
60 minutes treatment   $85
90 minutes treatment  $100 
1 Full session (90 minute treatment):(probiotic, green powder for liver, lymph massage, sauna for middle of the body):$150. 
Colonic membership - once a month(probiotic, green powder for liver, lymph massage, sauna for middle of the body):$100
      packages are available


*Acupuncture (40 minutes=Tuina Therapy Massage -5 minutes +  Acu-35 minutes): $75


*Acupuncture + Tuina Therapy massage (60 minutes  = Acup 30 minutes + Tuina Massage Therapy30 minutes):$95  


*Massage (60 minutes  body massage):$95          


*Massage + Acupuncture (90 minutes=Massage 40 minutes + Acup 50 minutes): $120           


*Cupping: Dry Cupping:$50. 

               Wet Cupping:$75


*Personalized Herbs

 -Raw herbs  (you can cook yourself)- 1week: $70

 -Decoction pouch (already made)-1week:$150

*Ionic Foot Detox: $50

*Ear Candling: $65


*Spa of the day:$500

 Colonic, acupuncture, massage, foot bath for liver detox, ear candle, sauna for middle of body, facial, Jade  massage bed   for spin alignment, laser fat reduction treatment.   

*weight loss program:$1200

Colonic, acupuncture, sauna, herbal medicine(tea) one month, Fat burning laser treatment,

*Fat Bunning Laser treatment- (1 session:1 hour ):$195

*Sauna for detox            -(1 session:1 hour):$95

*Jade heat massage              -(1 session:1 hour treatment):$99


Insurance charges fall between $115 - $300 depending on treatment and modalities (massage, hot pack, elec. stimulation, etc.)                 

Skin Care

Basic Facial $65

Anti Aging Facial $145

Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up $500/area

Cancellation policy:  please let us know 24 hours notice we will charge $25 .

coupon is accepted only once a year.

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