*Dome Sauna for detox Uses

( Uses ground breaking technology to detoxify and purify your body. See results in weight loss and various health benefits.)-(1 session:1 hour):$75.

A new way to Detox. 

Exlpore the endless benefits with our Dome Sauna.

Ever tried to wash out oil or grease from your clothes? Difficult, isn’t it? That is a similar effect to the toxins and chemicals that are in our body from processed, greasy, un-healthy foods. That is why Detox with our Jangsu Dome was created. It gives you the ability to detox and cleanse un-wanted toxins from your body. Our innovative Dome stimulates your toxic chemicals and will allow them to be released through sweat.

    Benefits of Dome Sauna

  • Release chemicals and un-wanted toxins.

  • Elimination of toxic metals from the body.

  • Elimination of fat cell store toxins.

  • Tumor cells and mutated cell elimination.

  • Fever therapy (hyperthermia) for infections.

  • Arthritis, joint, and muscle pain relief.

  • Exercise benefits and enhanced sweating.



*Jade Massage bed with infra-heat (60 min): $75.


High performance, maximal results, and full body satisfaction.

For the deepest relief found in a massage bed.

Jade Massage bed is our high performance – smart massage bed system for deep relief and a massage experience you won’t be able to live without. TJade Massage bed has 7 customizable programs to meet all of your massage needs. Underneath the center of our bed you’ll be able to find our patent Roller System for spinal correction and deep tissue relief. Our Roller System is made of 3 parts. Massage roller, ETS, and Hygiea roller. Towards the “head” of the bed you’ll be able to find our Neck Massage system. This system imitates human motion and touch by grasping your neck and soothing out muscle kinks and sores. The combination of these different parts are topped off with infrared rays to provide relaxing rest and healing that you only could dream of.

This isn’t just a “feel good” massage. Our technology goes deeper.

Our scientists have created a product that is not just surface level treatment. TJade Massage bed has the technology to go deeper. Our Hygiea stones are made from 20 different natural minerals and emit far infrared rays of 15,000 to 150,000 nm depending on your selected temperature level. Your body will see benefits of cell regeneration, acceleration of blood circulation, and re-generation of tissues.

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain

Neck Massage System

A proven solution to getting rid of neck stiffness and tightness. Many people suffer from pain in the neck. Whether the pain is from an injury, bad posture, or stress, our system has a implemented solution to target the muscles that are the underlying problems to the pain you are suffering.

Have you heard of, “Text Neck"?


Maybe even you are looking down at your phone while reading this. Text neck is a newly introduced medical term by Dr. DL Fishman. Countless times throughout the day, you are putting stress on your neck. Our neck massage system is scientifically proven to de-stress the areas of pain that modern lifestyles have given.

Spinal Alignment

Your spine is the center of your body and vital for your bodies structural support.



Why is your spine so important?

The health of your spine is so important because it impacts your overall health. A good back posture can not only save you from pain but it also effects your brain and your energy levels. Sometimes headaches are caused from muscle tension and our products serve to correct your spinal alignment while relieving the tension in the muscles surrounding your spine.

Jade Massage bed is your backs best friend.

Our Top and Top massage beds work effortlessly to rehab your spine. Our re-alignment rollers go up and down your spine. Not only does this process feel soothing, you will immediately start the process of improving posture and your overall spinal health. This process combines massage, acupressure, and moxibustion or better known as heat therapy to the body. The results? Reduced muscle aches & tension, back pain relief, increased flexibility, improvement in blood circulation, and a more restful night of sleep.

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