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Acupuncture, Colonic, Massage & Skin Co. is conveniently located in downtown Santa Monica, easily accessible from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. 


Acupuncture, Colonic, Massage & Skin Co. offers you the latest in massage, detoxification, and acupuncture treatments, in our beautifully renovated facility. 


We invite you to indulge in our inviting spa, peaceful atmosphere and friendly staff. We use a holistic approach to cater to all of your needs, from our stress relieving massage treatments & Ionic Footbath detox, to our refreshing and rejuvenating Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments, all of your needs are met. We invite you to take a look around our website for more information, contact us with any questions, and to book your appointment today.

1214 23rd st 

Santa Monica, Ca 90404    Call & Tax : 213-712-4643  

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